Ufone Advance Balance Code


Ufone Advance Balance Code and Unsubscribe Code

Complete information about Ufone Advance Balance also called UAdvance and previously known as ULoan service. Ufone give its customers the facility of getting an UAdvance in case of emergency. Ufone advance balance or advance loan service is called UAdvance. This advance is deducted in your next load. Here you can see all about ufone advance balance, what is UAdvance code, how to unsubscribe ULoan service and other details.

Ufone Advance Balance Code Details

Ufone Advance Balance or UAdvance gives this facility its customers to getting an easy load in case of emergency. check details below,,,

  • Simply dial *456#
  • Service charges deducted Rs. 4.40 inclusive of tax when you recharge the next time
  • Ufone Advance Balance of Rs. 30/- will be available to all subscribers whose balance drops below Rs. 11.95.

Ufone Advance Balance Unsubscribe Code

Ufone ULoan or UAdvance service you can unsubscribe from auto balance alert by simply dialing *127*2#.


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